Julie Bonnett



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

June 13

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


115 lbs

125 lbs

Contest History

2013 WBFF Pro Am in Montreal in April, then 2013 WBFF World Championships in Vegas (August)
2012 WBFF World Championships, 6th Pro Diva Fitness Model
2011 WBFF World Championships, 3rd Pro Diva Fitness Model
2010 WBFF World Championships, Pro Diva Fitness Model World Champ Runner-up
2009 WBFF World Championships, 6th place Pro Diva Fitness Model
2008 MABBA Provincial Championships, 1st place Fitness Short, Overall Winner (Ms Fitness Manitoba)
2007 MABBA Provincial Championships, 2nd place Fitness Short
2007 CBBF Nationals Championships, 8th place Fitness Short
2006 MABBA Novice Championships, 1st place Fitness Short


The reason I started fitness competing is...
I decided to enter my first competition without knowing anyone else who had ever competed. Oxygen fitness magazine first piqued my interest with its contest coverage. It made sense that if I wanted a physique like the women on those pages, I should become a competitor and learn exactly how they train and diet.

The person I most wanted to be when I started was...
I admired many of the professional competitors and appreciated advice from Ava Cowan and Kary Odiatu. However, my focus was never to duplicate the physique or success of another. My training and career goals have developed year by year.

The people I owe the most to are...
Right from the beginning of my competitive career, my parents supported my new passion. They’ve attended every contest, including most of the local ones that only my ContestPrep.ca clients are in! However, I wouldn’t be who I am without my husband, Craig. We embrace each other's dreams one hundred percent.

The supplements I can’t live without are...
Chocolate-flavoured whey protein curbs my cravings for sweets, pre-workout drinks amp me up for each training session, and FUSION's SUB•Q gives me the extra edge I need to lean up for competitions or photo shoots.

The best thing about training is...
The energy boost I get after a good cardio or weight training session. Your body will reward you for choosing exercise as your daily stress relief.

My ultimate goal is...
To inspire men and women to live healthy, active lifestyles as I continue to excel in my professional competitive career.

Years I’ve been training...
13 years, 6 competitively.

The last new bodybuilding/training thing I learned was...
I recently travelled to Arizona with Craig, where he trained with IFBB pro David Henry. Dave and his wife, Nicki, had used the DC style of training, and I've never seen Craig more exhausted after a workout. Craig has since taken me through the DC calf training – I couldn't walk properly for a week!

The day I got my pro card...
I was also told I would be shooting with Oxygen fitness magazine – my dream come true! There was so much to be thankful for; I’d worked so hard and overcome so much to realize this dream ... I cried!

The one thing every competing bodybuilder should know is...
The importance of practicing stage presence. Not only do you have to be confident that you’re showcasing your physique in your best poses, but you have to condition yourself to hold tight for the entire round.

One bodybuilding secret I discovered is...
My secret to success: Keep a positive state of mind, and surround yourself with empowering people!

What I enjoy most about competing is...
The focus and anticipation of the coming competition pushes me to my limits.

The thing I hate most about stepping up onstage is...
Being desperately thirsty.


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