FUSION BODYBUILDING has been making innovative supplements since 1998. FUSION BODYBUILDING makes the industries strongest supplements that stand the test of time and, even more importantly, the results test.


All our products are manufactured in a cGMP facility. That means your supplements are being made by the very best. A cGMP manufacturing facility follows strict regulations that are government-enforced. It ensures the strength, quality and purity of every FUSION BODYBUILDING supplement are strictly controlled. This includes strong quality management, obtaining quality raw materials, detecting and investigating any product quality deviations, and maintaining reliable testing laboratories.


All FUSION BODYBUILDING formulations deliver each ingredient at therapeutically significant doses. Some other supplement companies are in the habit of putting in low levels of certain ingredients just so they can make claims. Then they hide their ineffective levels behind “proprietary blends” that don’t list ingredient amounts. FUSION BODYBUILDING doesn’t do that, and never has. Flip any of our bottles over and you’ll see exactly what you’re getting in every serving. FUSION calls that TDI (therapeutically dosed ingredients), and FUSION BODYBUILDING does that for all its formulations.


Every FUSION BODYBUILDING product is formulated using solid science and research to deliver results. This means no empty claims just to sell you one bottle before that product is discontinued and the next brought out. FUSION BODYBUILDING believes in the products it develops and in the people who use them. That’s you. FUSION BODYBUILDING isn’t here to sell you products that don’t work as they should. FUSION BODYBUILDING is here to help you.


The FUSION BODYBUILDING team knows a lot about training. Like, a lot, a lot. FUSION BODYBUILDING shares that knowledge with you so you can train smarter and reach your goals. That’s why we created the FUSION BODYBUILDING VIP site. It’s full of everything you need to be a better bodybuilder. Whether you’re a newbie trying to figure out the basics or a seasoned gym rat looking for the latest innovation, the VIP and through FUSION BODYBUILDING Team is the place to learn.


FUSION BODYBUILDING isn’t here to trick you into buying its products. No hype. No exaggeration. No lies. Bodybuilding isn’t about you purchasing our products. It’s about working hard, lifting smart, eating right and getting sleep. And when you decide that some FUSION BODYBUILDING products will help you reach your goals faster, then you should give them a try.

Free Gear

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Well, FUSION BODYBUILDING likes giving back to you. Collect your proofs-of-purchases from FUSION BODYBUILDING supplements and trade them in for cool FUSION BODYBUILDING gear here. Get a hat, a shirt or even a weight belt all on us, because we appreciate you being a FUSIONER.

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