There’s nothing like the feeling of having pushed it to the limit and left it all at the gym. But training that hard can cause your muscle machine to stall. It starts a complex series of events called the inflammatory cascade that can stop muscle growth for days, leaving you overtrained, weaker and smaller.

AGENT•M helps throw the brakes on overtraining and gets your muscle building in gear. How? By packing 11,000 mg of BCAAs in every serving, more than any other BCAA supplement we’ve ever heard of.




When you train as hard as you do, your muscles use the fuels adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC). As this fuel breaks down, it creates a buildup of acid in your muscles. This is the “burn” you feel at the end of a set. This acidic state triggers muscle inflammation. Weight training also triggers the release of the chemicals prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) that boost the inflammation signal in your muscles.

When your muscle inflammation combines with the signal boosters, it sets off alarms. Your body releases a massive amount of cortisol. That’s the last thing any bodybuilder wants.

The problem is that cortisol eats muscle. Cortisol’s job is to reduce inflammation, but in large amounts, it’s also catabolic, breaking down muscle. Plus, on top of all this, your testosterone and growth hormone (HGH) levels nose-dive. We call this process the inflammatory cascade, and it keeps doing damage. More cortisol release breaks down more muscle, which causes more inflammation, which releases more cortisol and so on. If you’re not careful, you could end up smaller.

The inflammatory cascade’s cycle won’t stop unless you have a tool to stop it.

HOW AGENT•M WORKS AGENT•M helps your body be a fine-tuned, muscle-building machine by helping combat the different stages of the inflammatory cascade. It also helps put your body in an anabolic state so you can get back to building more muscle.

1 – AGENT•M helps minimize damage of training.
A key ingredient in AGENT•M decreases muscle-protein breakdown in just minutes. The same ingredient also has been shown to significantly lower cortical levels. It also contains systemic enzymes. Several of the systemic enzymes in AGENT•M have been used for decades to combat inflammation, and their efficacy has been strengthened by both studies and anecdotal evidence. By helping prevent increases in muscle tissue damage, you can stop muscle loss and get ready to build big. NOTE: AGENT•M will not decrease your muscle pumps but will make them fuller.

2 – AGENT•M promotes new muscle growth. AGENT•M contains ingredients that support and boost your natural testosterone levels. The ingredients in AGENT•M promote skeletal muscle protein synthesis shortly after it is ingested. Scientific research also suggests that part of the AGENT•M formula will stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis shortly after it is ingested. By restoring anabolism, encouraging muscle growth and raising the level of muscle-building testosterone, AGENT•M gets your body in gear and building muscle.

These cross sections illustrate
(A) The destructive nature of muscle inflammation
(B) The benefit of AGENT•M

AGENT•M uses only pharmaceutical grade, fermented, vegetarian BCAAs derived from corn.



Who can use AGENT•M® BCAA beverage powder?

AGENT•M powder is designed exclusively for a bodybuilder’s needs but can be used by anybody who weight trains. As with any diet, exercise or supplement program, you should consult a medical professional before you begin. Always read the entire label before using any supplement product, and follow all directions.

You already had AGENT•M Caplets, so why make AGENT•M Powder?

We know bodybuilders don’t mind taking a few pills, but we wanted to give them the option of enjoying their BCAAs in a tasty grape drink.

Is there anything different between AGENT•M Caplets and AGENT•M Powder?

Yes, there are a few differences. In AGENT•M powder, we’ve cranked up the BCAAs to 11,000 mg, which is more BCAAs per serving than any other supplement we’re aware of. We’ve also included a Muscle Support Complex consisting of the vital B vitamins your muscles need. And because it’s now a drink, we needed to make a few other formula tweaks, such as the enzyme blend and the addition of colouring, sweetener and grape flavouring.

Should I take both AGENT•M Caplets and AGENT•M Powder together?

It is not necessary to take both products, as they have very similar formulas. It would be the same as exceeding the recommended serving, which you should not do, as improper use of this product does not enhance results.

When should I take AGENT•M Powder?

On workout days, mix 1 level scoop of AGENT•M powder with 500 mL of water. AGENT•M powder is to be taken before, during or after your workout. Consume the entire serving within 30 minutes to preserve potency. To adjust flavouring to your liking, increase or decrease the amount of water you mix it with.

What other FUSION BODYBUILDING products can I take with AGENT•M?

AGENT•M powder can be stacked with all other FUSION BODYBUILDING products except AGENT•M caplets.

Does AGENT•M Powder need to be cycled?

No. AGENT•M does not need to be cycled.

Will AGENT•M reduce my muscle pumps?

No. In fact, AGENT•M powder will make your pumps fuller.

What makes AGENT•M Powder a progressive BCAA supplement?

AGENT•M powder is a progressive BCAA supplement because it helps fight muscle inflammation, a bodybuilder’s worst enemy. Only when muscle inflammation is controlled can you achieve a muscle-building state.

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