Developing hard, quality muscle is never about just doing one thing right; it’s about doing everything right: training, nutrition, supplementation and even sleep. But nutrition isn’t just macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – it’s also essential micronutrients. Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and other biochemical compounds the body needs to build a hard-muscled physique.
STRONGMAN™ was formulated exclusively for bodybuilders like you to provide the complete package of essential micronutrients you need to optimize muscle growth.

Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and other essential biochemical compounds needed to maintain the body’s overall function and maximum efficiency. In fact, micronutrients may be considered more important for bodybuilders than calorie-producing nutrients precisely because of their ability to impact physiological functions.

Without micronutrients, it’s impossible to catalyze or facilitate the biochemical reactions that convert the food we eat into useable nutrients that enable growth, maintenance or even energy to fuel our metabolism. Vitamins help enhance the action of protein, causing muscle building and energy production. Minerals maintain the balance of fluids in our cells and help enhance muscle contractions.

Even if only one of the critical substances is deficient, a bodybuilder’s progress can be halted in its tracks without warning. Without these vital micronutrients, nothing happens. Virtually every energy production or muscle growth process a bodybuilder relies on is dependent on the right proportion of vitamins and minerals. Nutrient deficiency, which can occur during intense training, can sabotage any bodybuilders muscle growth efforts.

STRONGMAN is designed to provide the complete package of vitamins, minerals and other essential biochemical compounds you need to maximize your muscle-building potential. Supplement science has come a long way in the last 25 years, and FUSION has put all that science into STRONGMAN. STRONGMAN is formulated for serious competitive bodybuilders who want to optimize their anabolic muscle-building capacity.

STRONGMAN’s four complexes – MUSCLE•MULTI™, SPINACH•FLEX™, OMEGA•OIL™ and E•400™ – work together to enhance nutrient delivery, support energy utilization and halt free radical damage to muscle cells. STRONGMAN also exclusively contains SPINACH•FLEX. The SPINACH•FLEX antioxidant and greens complex results in each box containing the equivalent of over 12 cups of spinach in addition to other concentrated greens. No other multivitamin we’ve found offers what STRONGMAN does. It’s arguably the perfect bodybuilding multi.



Who can use STRONGMAN?

You can. STRONGMAN is a product that any healthy adult can use. In fact, it’s a product every healthy adult should use. Consider a bodybuilder’s diet: You’re eating a lot, but you’re probably not taking in the wide variation of foods you need to get all the vitamins you need naturally. Without the right micronutrients, your body isn’t performing at its peak efficiency. With STRONGMAN, you’re getting the micronutrients you need. Of course, please read and follow the label and talk to your health care practitioner before use if you have any concerns.

Can STRONGMAN be stacked with other FUSION BODYBUILDING products?

Absolutely. STRONGMAN should be a regular stable of your current supplement regimen. This essential micronutrient pack can optimize your macronutrient intake, ensuring efficient and full utilization of all the food you need for maximum muscle building. STRONGMAN can be combined with any FUSION BODYBUILDING supplement, though because it includes an OMEGA•OIL™ softgel, you can reduce your regular OMEGA•OIL intake by one. For optimal absorption, this product should be taken with a meal.

How do I take STRONGMAN?

Take one serving – a micronutrient pack of 7 pills – once daily with an 8-ounce glass of water. To maximize absorption of all micronutrients, this supplement should be taken with a meal, preferably breakfast. Do not exceed one micronutrient pack in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before use and follow directions.

Can women use STRONGMAN?

Yes, STRONGMAN micronutrient packs can be used by women. STRONGMAN’s unique complexes – MUSCLE•MULTI™, SPINACH•FLEX™, OMEGA•OIL™ and E•400™ – are formulated to support peak performance, energy production, muscle building and recovery. Any active individual, man or woman, who is serious about lifting and building muscle will benefit from supplementing with this product. STRONGMAN’s unique formulation is designed with everyone in mind, which means it does not contain any ingredients that would benefit only male bodybuilders.

What makes STRONGMAN different from other multivitamin products?

STRONGMAN has been formulated first and foremost with bodybuilders in mind. STRONGMAN provides all the essential micronutrients needed to support muscle building and recovery by providing four complexes that go beyond your average vitamin and mineral blend. STRONGMAN’s MUSCLE•MULTI complex packs a full complement of vitamins and minerals to sustain metabolic function, growth and recovery. It also delivers a double dose of antioxidants, including the super-potent SPINACH•FLEX complex, combined with the ultra-pure and powerful antioxidant vitamin E in the E•400 softgel. Last but not least, OMEGA•OIL provides an advanced omega-3 EFA formula consisting of a special ultra-pure blend of three fish oils. The STRONGMAN nutrient pack ensures you get the most out of the macronutrients you are consuming to build muscle, recover faster and reach your full bodybuilding potential.

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