Craig Bonnett



Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

October 18, 1977

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada








212 lbs

225 lbs

Contest History

2013 WBFF World Championships - Pro Bodybuilding class. - Las Vegas, NV
2012 WBFF World Championship, Pro Bodybuilding World Champ Runner-up
2010 WBFF World Championship, 4th place Men’s Pro Bodybuilding
2009 CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships, 3rd place Light Heavyweights
2009 WBFF World Championship, Pro Bodybuilding World Champ Runner-up
2008 CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships, 5th place Light Heavyweights
2007 CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships, 5th place Light Heavyweights
2006 MABBA Provincial Championships, 1st place Light Heavyweights and Overall Champion (Mr. Manitoba title)
2005 MABBA Novice, 1st place Light Heavyweights


The reason I started bodybuilding is...
I really enjoy working out. Contests just give me something to focus my training around.

The person I most wanted to be when I started was...
I never strove to be a particular person. I just wanted to be the strongest guy in the gym.

The people I owe the most to are...
The hundred different training partners I’ve had over the last 11 years and, of course, my wife, Julie.

The supplements I can’t live without are...
AGENT•M. I’m obsessed with getting in my BCAAs. This is a product that too often gets pushed aside for flashier supplements that are more workout-focused rather than recovery-focused.

GLUTAMEND (glutamine). I can’t remember the last post-workout shake I had that didn’t have glutamine in it. It’s a must for quicker muscle recovery.

Nitric oxide pre-workout drinks. I love big pumps, so these are a staple in my program.

The best thing about training is...
Smashing the big weights. I just feel off on the days I don’t get to toss some iron around. It completes my day.

Two things I would change about bodybuilding are...
Politics – I don’t think many people realistically want to make bodybuilding their career. Most athletes are in it for the fun and the challenge. The deeper I get into the industry, the more I’m aware of the “competition” behind the scenes. But I’m sure it’s like that in most sports.

Competition adjudications – At the novice level, I would love to see the judges give decent feedback to the athletes so they know where to improve. It costs a lot of money to compete and takes up a great deal of your time and energy. Far too often, competitors leave with just a placing and no real encouragement or constructive criticism from the judges. They’re left guessing as to what they need to improve on for their next show. I think this would improve athlete retention, as most only do two or three shows before they hang up the posing suits.

My ultimate goal is...
To work in the fitness industry for the rest of my life.

Years I’ve been training...
11 years.

The last new bodybuilding thing I learned is...
Very recently, I had the opportunity to work with IFBB pro David Henry at his gym in Arizona, where he led me through the principles of DC training. I look forward to switching over to that type of regimen.

What I enjoy most about competing is...
The routine. By the time the show comes, my day runs like clockwork.

The thing I hate most about stepping onstage is...
I’m not a fan of the tanning process. It’s messy and sticky, so I’m always eager to shower it off ASAP when the show is done.

The pro I most look forward to being onstage with is...
I like to compete against guys who have beaten me in the past. I’m constantly improving, and some of them aren’t.

The one thing every competing bodybuilder should know is...
Unless you’re built like Ronnie Coleman, you probably will never make a dime in this sport. Learn to enjoy the process and lifestyle, and when you stop having fun, it’s time to get out.

One bodybuilding secret I discovered is...
Don’t miss workouts!


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