Jodi Boam



Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

March 13, 1987

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada








111 lbs

125 lbs

Contest History

2013 Out for the 2013 season
2012 Olympia – September 28th
2012 Toronto Pro Supershow, 1st place
2012 IFBB Pittsburg Pro, 1st place
2012 Flex Pro, 5th place
2012 Arnold Classic, 10th place
2011 Fort Lauderdale, 2nd place
2011 Olympia, 8th place
2011 Toronto Pro Supershow, 1st place
2011 IFBB New York Pro, 5th place
2010 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 1st place
2009 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 3rd place
2008 OPA Championships (Level 3), 1st place Fitness
2008 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 5th place
2007 CBBF Nationals World Qualifier, 1st place
2007 OPA National Qualifier (Natural Ontario’s) (Level 1), 1st place
2007 OPA Northern Ontario Championships (Level 2), 1st place


The reason I started training is...
I’ve had a competitive nature since I was very young. Once my gymnastics career ended when I was 17, I started weight training to keep in shape. I was introduced to fitness when I was 19 when I had my first show, and my first win. This sport fits my personality so perfectly.

The person I most wanted to be when I started was...
Mindi O'Brien, my first trainer/coach/mentor of fitness.

The person I owe the most to is...
I really can’t name just one person; as I truly owe the most to all those who have helped shaped the person I am today. Ive learned so much from so many; from parent and friends, to gymnastics coaches/trainers and other inspiring athletes.

The supplements I can't live without are...
SUB•Q, AGENT•M, GLUTAMEND, Isolate proteins.

The best thing about training is...
The constant drive to improve and get better. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of lifting, the fun-factor of routine/gymnastics practice, and actually get a rush from HIIT cardio training. Each day in the gym really is like a test of your mind and body and I love the challenge.

Two things I would change about fitness competitions are...
The judging criteria for women should be made more specific. Some shows girls get penalized for coming in too hard and other times, for being too soft! What do they want? Secondly, I’m starting to feel that pre-judging before pre-judging starts is not such a bad idea. This sport should be taken very seriously, and sometimes it’s looked at as a joke.

My ultimate goal is...
Placing top three at the IFBB Fitness Olympia within the next few years.

Years I’ve been training...
In my 6th year of competitive Fitness! Although I started hard training at age 7 with gymnastics, so technically been competitively training and competing for 18 years :)

What I enjoy most about competing is...
Showing off the routine! Being onstage is a ton of fun, and the adrenaline rush is unbelievable! It’s the best possible feeling to hear the crowd, see the judges and know your extreme hard work is paying off.

The thing I hate most about stepping up onstage is...
Knowing how long we have to hold the poses. It’s dreadful. My legs shake like crazy, and my smile slowly looks like I’m shivering. I’m not sure the men know this feeling, but I know the women can relate.

The day I got my pro card I...
Mainly, I was just relieved. Obviously I was also extremely excited and happy, and a thousand other emotions mixed into one. I was overwhelmed. I’ve wanted to step on the pro stage since day one of competing, and now I finally can.

The pros I most look forward to being onstage with are...
Tanji Johnson and Oksana Grishina.

The one thing every competing bodybuilder should know is...
There’s a never ending-battle to get better. The constant need for improvement is enough motivation to lift heavier, go harder, and “squat ‘til ‘ya puke”!

One bodybuiding secret I discovered is...
Use lots of sweetener, chew lots of gum, make large salads and drink lots of Crystal Light! But never, never, never cheat, until a meal is deserved.


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